Whom am I? Difficult to say. My name is Joe, but I go by Jibs. I’m a 24yr old currently living in Savannah, Ga by way of Pittsburgh, Pa (go Steelers). I work as a concierge downtown at a high class B&B called The Gastonian (http://www.gastonian.com).

Funny. Outgoing. Memorable. Thoughtful but forgetful. Creative but abstract. Childish but mature in the head. Student who doesn’t like to study. Partier who doesn’t like to drink. Singer who doesn’t like lip singing. Writer who doesn’t like lyrics that blow. Choreographer who doesn’t like dancing in the dark. Someone who can’t stand people singing off key or those that think they have a grove. Someone who will tell lies to protect the truth, but tell the truth to overcome a lie. Someone who hardly cares about others, but realizes others care about him. He talks, he learns, he moves. Welcome to his world.

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Good day,